Rehan Allahwala has a keen interest in helping people, organizations and companies grow.
Not only that he has experience of it, he enjoy’s it immensely, thus listen’s very carefully and give’s his 100% honest opinion and suggestions.

Mr Rehan want’s you to grow, and has created a this process for you to be able to learn more via him, for this go to and follow the instructions over there, that will allow you to learn more from him, when you speak with him.

Due to limited time, Mr Rehan Allahwala only talks to very few selected people every month, so if you wish to take an appointment with him, You can contact Mr.Abdul Fatah Soomro at or +92 310 288 6046

Once you
If you do not wish to do that, and just want to speak with him, We charge $450 an hour, or $290 for Half an Hour of conversation over Skype.

If you feel that it is too much for you to pay, That means I am not worth your time, so you should inbox someone else for asking them to give you 🙂

You can also get 30 Mins for Free if you complete the process and preparation written on
Thank You for your interest !