So I think 500 people who are my friend is Journey because my friends who are already on my friend list sound effect other than the people in the world they are open-minded they have done something in their life they are somewhere very far from away in the world which you didn’t find normally so something anomaly about them very unique and I’m not saying that there is only 5000 people in the globe never ever I find open hearted in the first place they are different so finding 500 people out of those five thousand people is the journey will you go on would find themselves because when you talk to people you have to make the conversation you can not add especially people in my friend list they are becoming putting more and more filter around them so you were added so easily so you say its very challenging us to add so these are great challengers giving you challenge and when you do that it’s like building your body your physical body and mental body is becoming stronger than stronger and it will allow you to do anything in your life once you end up these 500 mutual friends so why I am doing this. I am doing this to again creating amazing people I am trying to convert small into middle class. I am trying this for four years to do million dollar project and I fail and I found this way to do what I am doing so for the hundred businesses I need hundred of CEOs CMOs CFOs I trying Rehan university I tried to create businesses I tried to hire people in work but now 500 mutual friends I’m getting people who are amazing outliers and I’m finding people who are phenomenal dr. But they haven’t discovered themselves so I’m able to discover them by this process and now once they have these people they can almost do they can do they can become teacher entrepreneurs business person anything because now they are on the journey on they are trying to talk these people and selling themselves in trying to convenience them I am a good person why don’t you become my friend and they manage at least 500 people that means you can do anything you have to be whatever you believe you have to be able to sale yourself for the job business and any idea for a mission you have to be able to talk explain the people what is that what you want if you are able to do this journey now you are ready to do all things now I give you the task you say its nothing but normally I give you the task for nothing you say its very difficult task so now since you ever on the top of this I mean climbing new mountain its very easy for you so this is why I am forcing people challenging people to go out and do this task which you think it’s reduculous journey this like somebody tells you I hire you if you go around on put whatever time it takes come back and I will give you the job a person that go around the world it would not be the same person because on the journey he would meet residilient people and those people transform his mindset by the time he is on the other way around he would not be the same person and that’s why I am trying to make that people who are not the same person actually they are not the same person they trying to show themselves to others so they become the people they supposed to be. Shams tabrez write in his book anybody who is going to the journey where he’s trying to find God he finds the God and find themselves he will transform what he is trying to be. Same here its not finding God it is to find the people who you need to be whatever you want to be looking for and that will change you and these outliers who you find you can go and write any problem business wise life wise so it enter in around the globe because they have to have people who aren’t Pakistanis so they intermingled what ever the problem they will solve like that so for the example if there is something the people who add my 500 hundred people so there is many journalist media person congressman governers in the US parliamentarian in Pakistan all kinds of people and you go out and sit in between them and say that is the problem happening in my country and you speak in English your video will go viral very fast and if you have any great idea if no people will buying it so your idea is worthless if you have a book and nobody is reading it but if you have 500 friends it means that 50 of your friends will need your book if they are not from your country they much more interested to read it  they need you so you need to them so friends overseas on internet has different value than a physical person around us the typical person around us has not value so much it takes us as granted I mean there us one guy that you use to play a video and send it to me so I and every other see it and say brother I am waiting for your online he want to have lunch with me because he is showing his love and I have no idea who the wonder he is I don’t know him I just share because I just admire him he is telling me that he is traveling from here to there and I am listening so if we have enough people around us so we just can fix anything and that’s the whole concept so let some experience so I can prove the whole idea of this experience to you to see if its working so I can see that people wiho add my 500 hundred people so he say I don’t need laptop anymore your friends have change my life already I am going for that. Its very essential for the busineness so if you see that from the God’s perspective God says that if you do good to others good will come to you so if you do good on this world you don’t need to go to heaven you have to feel good you are really doing good you will not stuck up for the laptop for the heaven so you should live now you should be happy all the time so heaven will be the byproduct by but you have to be here you will enjoy while you are here so if you don’t enjoy you are in pain you have to enjoy all the time please enjoy if you can enjoy no matter what you are already in heaven its your mindset there is a little bit a pain that’s fine once a time I was watching my new birth baby if some body is a mother and while giving birth to a new baby suffering a pain in that process and if this is a simple person no one can easily recover even after 30 months and forever if you focus on that pain which happens in the baby process nobody ever produce a baby but you focus on what you get out that pain is gone because you lose it if you kept that pain very much you will dead that’s why I give the laptop its not I want give this experiment to people who will learn its like a certificate and I hope that they will become they want to be I will end this at this December I want to give 100 more..