Internet is getting more commercial every day, and more and more people want to utilize it for advertising. You must have seen advertising almost everywhere, on every web site on the internet.

The advertisements brought us great products, like Free Email like Hotmail, Free Internet access Like Free.Net and Netzero, We have seen great services like, and Efax, all of these services are Advertisement supported, getting ad dollars from the sponsor for a Service to the user.

Now there are companies like Spedia and GetPaid, who will now give you a small program to download on your computer, and this program will display a small ad on the top or bottom of your screen, beside the browser, and as long as you watch this ad on your pc while you are working, you will be paid from 50 cents to 1$ an hour, just to watch these ad’s, of course, this money is again coming from hundred’s of advertisers who would want to advertise on your and millions of other users computers like you. To make you more interested, they will also pay you for all the people who you tell about their services, you get approximately 10 to 25 cents per hour for their usage. You can make from 20$ to 500$US a month from these kinds of services.

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So why not go ahead and start viewing these ads?

You don’t HAVE to buy anything.

you do not have to pay anything to join them.

you do not have to give any credit card numbers to signup.

GetPaid will help you signup to all the current and new GET PAID to surf programs, all you have to do is signup this form. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP.

Your data will not be given out to someone else.

Disclaimer: This site is only to make you aware of this new PAYING opportunity, we can not be held responsible, if any of the company goes down, or doesn’t pay you.

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