Who is Rehan Allahwala

I was born in Pakistan, a country of 200 Million people. Coming from an Entrepreneurial family, My father taught me to be independent, I sold candies in our neighborhood at 8, Stationary to my school mates at 10 & started my first company selling Commodore 64 games at 13. I later made Modem & Voice Digitizes at 16 & did 51 different ventures by the time I was 36, when I retired and started teaching via the internet, everything I know mainly Entrepreneurship.

With the money that my telecom company makes, I started a foundation that help’s people find their dreams, and help’s them fulfill them via Entrepreneurship, I also started a school to teach a billion people basic literacy via Mobile Phone. All of this leads to my ultimate mission in life of ending poverty, worldwide.

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The Story of Rehan Allahwala

Life Story of Rehan Allahwala | 15 Minute Video