Mr.Rehan Allahwala will be giving a free Mobile Phone to 1 person , every month, who can interview 50 people who are mutual friends with him.


  • 1. You have to make 50 Interviews of my mutual Friends.
  • 2. Each video has to be minimum of 10 mins and maximum of 15 mins
  • 3. If you do more than 15 mins of video, it is encouraged, but would be counted as one video.
  • 4. Each video you have to take permission from the person that you will be making this video and sharing this on your wall, and will be tagging me
  • 5. Interview Topic is preferred to be the story of their life, who are they, and what did they do in their life, and how did they got to where they are, the lessons in their lives, the mistakes, and good things of their lives.
  • 6. In the end you have to make 2 videos of your self, 1 with your story, 2, What did you learn from all this.
  • 7. You can interview them via Google Hangout or any other tool
  • 8. Their Face should be clearly available, and your voice should be there also and you.
  • 9. The videos need to be uploaded on your Facebook wall, and the person who is in the interviewed and Rehan Allahwala needs to be tagged.
  • 10. You need to mention that this interview is being done for the Mobile Phone Competition of Rehan Allahwala, and others are also encouraged to do the same.

after completing 50 interviews Contact Osama
Happy Winning !!