November 11, 2013
November 11, 2013



What is collaboration and how it can be done through the social media? We live in a society where each individual is connected to another through mobile phone and speak to other people. If a person knows the proper way to speak then he can give and take any information he wants and this is also one kind of COLLABORATION.
Collaboration can be between 2 or 10 or 1000’s of people, this is very important part and essence of me (Rehan Allahwala). For e.g. if you are the minister of water of Pakistan, you can get in touch with the other minister of water of different countries and can find a solution to your problem, as we live in a global world.

An educated person would surely have an email, facebook and telephone through which we can speak to different people and collaborate with them to reach to our destination in a quicker and effective way. Through collaboration we can get the opportunity to use others expertise. Like for e.g. there are many universities in Pakistan and globally through collaboration we can improve our teaching methodology or prepare notes and questionnaire and this can be done through facebook, Linkedin and twitter. These social websites have created groups wherein you can find people having thought similar to yours and when you collaborate with them you tend to increase your knowledge which helps you achieve your task efficiently and you advance in your work at a faster speed.

If a research is happening in America through collaboration you can see it even before it is available in the text books. We must concentrate on collaboration because we live in a country where there are many problems, but we can see that what solution other countries have done to solve the problem. If we think of solving a problem, then we can do that by collaboration and by meeting different people in the similar arena.

For e.g. if you see dirt on the road you can contact the recycling companies in other countries and ask them if they are interested to buy the dirt or garbage and how did they solve the problem in their country.

For collaboration it is very important to tell people about yourself because if you don’t let people know about you then if you ask any information, people would be reluctant to share it with you.
Do fill in your information on facebook, in which city do you live, what’s your qualification and where all have you worked, so that people get to know you well. Once a Chinese girl asked that why do people ask me about my parents? And the reason is to know more about you and your background so that collaboration can be done in a better way, do share your knowledge with people and show them who you are.

Collaborate with people, share your knowledge, and absorb other people’s knowledge as well. Facebook, linkedin and twitter are the best and effective tools that can be used for collaboration. Make friendship worldwide, increase your circle and make your country a better place to live in and your life too.

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