November 4, 2013
November 11, 2013


The biggest challenge we all are facing is that we do not have anyone whom we can copy and this was said by Mr. Jawed Iqbal, son of Allama Iqbal. Mentorship and leadership are those qualities which people would like to copy. People like to copy their parents, entrepreneurs around them and leaders. The leaders around us are not so good that we may want to copy them.

There are certain organizations in Pakistan that are very famous and very good, namely Shan Masala, Mitchells with regards to the branding they are the best. Ahmed is a brand that has created its name globally. If you see towards the leaders then I would like to mention Mr. Hussain Dawood and Mr. Razzak Dawood, this is a family that has opened many factories in Pakistan and have made an impact on the lives of lacs of people.

The challenge is that we cannot reach till these people and physically we cannot meet them, as we are a huge population and it is not possible for them to meet all the people, so this has really become a challenge as to how to meet them.

Mr. Asad Omar is a leader of present time, all these people are doing businesses but are not teaching us how to do it? Due to internet and social media the limitation has finished, now we can also see Mr. Richard Branson, Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Mhatir Mohd and Sheikh Mohammad as leaders. These are the people of present time who have brought huge changes within no time.

All these people are available on face book, twitter and YouTube which are the most essential tools of social media, we as students must acquire mentorship from them and how can we do that? We can follow these people on our mobile phone through 40404, I (Rehan Allahwala) am following Mr. Richard Branson and Mr. Barack Obama , whenever they tweet I get an sms and you can also do the same. You can follow Mr. Richard Branson by writing F space Richard Branson and send it to 40404, he is the person who is running 440 companies. He had started from zero and was a dropout from school and started working from the age of 17, he played a great role in reviving the economy of UK, and he is one of the most known entrepreneurs of UK and the fourth richest person of UK as well.

Technology wise we have bypassed UK and USA in many things and the same way if we bypass them in entrepreneurship, because all those people from whom we can learn are available in a better way on face book and twitter. We can speak to them and follow them and can benefit from their mentorship, we can also take guideline from them. We must also read their autobiography and can see their YouTube videos on, it has all the content available so that you can see and benefit from it.

Apart from this if you find a leader locally you can be friend him/her on face book, they can also be added on LinkedIn and try to benefit from them utmost, because these are the people who have lived their lives to the pattern that we all want to follow. By copying and learning from them we can be successful within no time. There is also a possibility that you may face hindrances in copying them as the people around you are not like your mentors but these are the people who have success and are worth being your mentors.

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