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February 17, 2016
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May 24, 2016

Entrepreneurship for Engineers and Technologist

Entrepreneurship for Engineers and Technologist

BY Rehan Allahwala


This topic is very interesting that why must the engineers of technology become entrepreneurs and why must they look for a job in this field? Entrepreneur is a person who when sees any problem in hi surrounding, he solves the problem and also earns money at the same time, that is called an ENTREPRENEUR. You are not born as an entrepreneur it sometimes run in the family so people become businessmen and some people do job and they can also become entrepreneur.

The main thing that you need is to understand a problem and you must have the passion to solve the problem or you must hate it to the extent that you don’t want to face that problem again and therefore you would try solving it. For e.g. there is a sewerage issue and you hate it, so you can change your hatred to passion by solving the problem that is an entrepreneur. In our country we have so many problems and all these are an opportunity, which you can cash upon and make it a part of your business. You can offer your services and by doing so you can earn good money and at the same time can solve the problem in the society.

Personally I know so many people who belong to such families who do jobs or are doctors but they became entrepreneurs and the reason behind it was that they wanted to do something which they could not do in the job sector.

I will provoke, challenge and also tell you that we are all surrounded by too many problems and by solving them we would get many opportunities. Get up have the courage and voice out that whatever problem you can solve you would do it. For e.g. you see the gutter drainage problem and you want to solve this issue, how would you do it? What I think is that gather all the entrepreneurs, you have the social media, face book, you tube and LinkedIn visit these networks and find such people who have solved the problems, for e.g. we have the garbage problem and that has been solved by Faruq bhai, he has a company by the name of WASTE BUSTERS, this is supposed to be the most paying job in the world, because garbage is free and when you start dismantling it you can earn lots.

Do check the social media websites for entrepreneurs, there are groups join them, there are startup weekends do join them. Find people related to the same problem do Google them and add them on face book, twitter and LinkedIn then make a video of your plan and share it on your wall on face book. This is my way of solving a problem, first by identifying it, and then gathering people related to the problem and then create a network. You must have heard about $100 business startup, by which we want to start 100 businesses which cost $100 and in return give an income of RS30, 000 a month, like if we want to sell the best samosas then we would have to take interviews of at least 500 people who are already selling samosas and when this is done we would get a lot of information, this is the way how I work, there are many other ways of acquiring knowledge.

Job and entrepreneurship both have difficulties, it may be that you don’t like your boss or colleagues, if for the first time you are doing entrepreneurship, and then I would strongly recommend you to become an intern in small and big businesses for 3 months and work at minimum 5 different places. Unfortunately our universities do not teach the students how to speak and behave, this is something that we all must learn. The way you speak or put forward your question is very important, we must learn how to speak to people, how to give others respect, how to understand others and make yourself understood.




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