November 20, 2013
November 23, 2013





EVOLUTION means growth, we live in Pakistan and we wait that a bloody revolution would come and listening to the word blood or even by seeing it I feel uncomfortable and become sick. Killing one human being is equal to killing the whole humanity.

At the present time evolution is at its speed, 500 years printing press was invented 14/8/1950 and later 3000 printing press were already available. Before the education system was such that children used to gain knowledge from their parents and some seeked it from their mentors, the students used to travel long distance to gain knowledge from their mentors. We have a hadith also which says that to acquire knowledge even if you have to go to China do go.

Before the press was invented books were written by hand and today we write a blog or put it up a face book status or upload videos that can be viewed worldwide. The speed of spreading ideas has increased a lot in the present time and ideas bring changes and revolution, be it communist, socialist or entrepreneurship idea it starts spreading.

Sometimes we also have ideas that we keep to ourselves thinking that they wouldn’t be useful. Many people do not like to share their ideas, but I do have the courage to share my idea, some people who do not understand criticize my idea and sometimes it is also appreciated. In the present time the speed of acquiring knowledge has increased, on you tube you can watch any clip and that idea reaches you , if you want to know about a new science called SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY then you spend one month over the internet and you can become the master of SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY. Whatever knowledge you want you can acquire it from you tube and with time more and more information would be uploaded on you tube and it would be transferred worldwide.

New ideas and new sciences will evolve and old ideas and old sciences will become obsolete. 15 years before there used to be the fax machine which we do not get to see it any more. Then came the use of email and slowly and gradually email is also becoming obsolete and the use of face book is becoming more and more popular where you even get to see the faces and can chat with people at a better level and get information as well.

In 1983 an American had made accounting software using a Machintosh in Botswana in a remote area and he said I am tired so many transformations are happening in technology that I am waiting for the evolution to complete. 4 years before we did not have an iphone and today even a medium income person has an iphone or a smart phone on which he/she can run the internet or video.

Learning how to learn has become very important due to the speed in evolution and how to learn in a less time has become more important, instead of telling our kids to go to school and gain the traditional education we must accept that now is the time of technology, we would have calculators, laptops and the internet, then accepting the revolution of evolution would become more easy. We would teach the kids and elders how to learn, so that the kids can do away with the pressure and can lead a pleasant life. The coming time would be for on demand information like for e.g. before making this video I wanted to know when the press was invented, which I searched on the WIKIPEDIA and found the information and shared it, which I did not know before as there was no need for it.

We cannot remember everything but we can use our devices in a proper way. The coming time would be having more of evolution and at a faster speed, because whatever technology would come, it would be better than before. Today a top of the range smart phone would cost around 1 lac rupees, think what would be the cost after 10 years and this phone would be made available to each and everyone.

When a common man would have the most powerful laptop and mobile phone then the speed of evolution would surely increase, in the coming 10 years so much of knowledge would be made available, but to those who would like to take advantage out of it. The thing that is most important is that there must be people to take advantage out of it and must also know how to benefit from the knowledge that is available. The next important thing is that how to acquire knowledge? Which google and you tube have made it very easy to learn, but these days that want of knowledge cannot be seen, because people have made themselves so busy that they do not know why to acquire information and how to acquire it.

It is very important to pay attention to all the information that has been provided in this article and see where the evolution process is going and must spread awareness amongst people. Within 100 years we do get to see the transformation in technology from the old transistors and today the small mp3 devices that have replaced the big ones and in this process the cost of technology would keep on decreasing and the quantity would increase.

Today a micro processor costs Rs10, 000 /- and next year it would reduce to Rs5000 /- and then a new micro processor would come, which would cost double. You can already see the prices of memory cards, computers and laptops their prices are going on reducing constantly. This is the evolution process that will continue and with time more and more people are becoming smart and knowledgeable. We must think how can we take advantage of this evolution because of which more advanced technology is being made which is adding to our comfort, keeping that in mind we have to make decision whether we need to build new buildings and universities or do we need to learn the existing things in a better way or follow the footsteps of the west, the time the west saw the growth they did not have this sort of technology that we have today.

Today I am sitting in my room and recording this video and I am sure within a year this video would be viewed by 1000’s of people. Similarly your idea can also create a revolution and evolution, today if we do not take advantage of these technologies, in the coming time we would become obsolete. Today if we don’t learn the present technology then in future we would be lost because at that time the technology would be have been more advanced.

It is important to invest on ourselves and use the best technology available, I hope you would benefit from this information and if you think you have benefited then kindly share this information and the video with everyone and at the same time do give me your feedback.


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