November 21, 2013
November 23, 2013





I would like to discuss about strategic alliance and why is it important and why must it be done? In your strategy where could you get the alliance or partnership would mean STRATEGIC ALLIANCE.

Whenever you run an organization you do make a strategy for it, you do make a plan for the future and plan an overall strategy for e.g. you want to sell a service for mobile phone then you would need to have strategic alliance with mobile operators, those selling cards for mobile. Sometimes there is a partnership and sometimes there is an alliance, for e.g. you live in Karachi and you want to go to Hyderabad and your neighbor also wants to go to Hyderabad, instead of going in separate cars you decide to go together, this is what is called alliance and from this alliance you saved petrol, and passed the time nicely due to which it was easy reaching the destination. Sometimes having an alliance is good and sometimes bad for e.g. if the people you chose to go with to Hyderabad were not according to your temperament and made your journey miserable, then such an alliance would not be good.

Before we make an alliance with anyone we must study the person or even when we want to have a partnership with someone, like any other relation after studying it we do also have to compromise. Alliances are very important as they help you reach your destination quicker. Do take out time from your daily routine to study strategic alliance for networking and to gain and give knowledge, all these activities overall will help you reach your destination.

We live in a complicated society and time where strategic alliance is very important, we live in the information age and in this time if we make alliances then in our work or the line we are involved in we can create specialty and can work better. For e.g. you do the work of landscaping and have done strategic partnership with the forest department and cantonment board, then you would be the preferred vendor for the cantt people because when they want to do landscaping they would call your company for it. Even if there is no financial transaction, yet both the parties benefit from this alliance because you get the supplier and they get the vendor.

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