November 4, 2013
November 11, 2013



Now you know which way you need to go and how but on your way you face many problems, someone stops you from attaining your goal and you feel bad about it, so what must you do about all

In the last sermon Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had said that we all are equal but the greatest amongst us is the one who has TAQWA or PIETY. A person while going towards his destination falls down due to the problem or mishap that he faced and gets up by himself without any help and starts his journey again, he is the greatest amongst all. So we are discussing the 5th ingredient required for leadership and that is PERSISTANCE, which means TASALSUL in Urdu, which means to continue doing your work without losing hope.

If you make a decision to walk on a certain path, then there is no looking backward. In the beginning you will be facing some problems, various forces will be pulling you in different direction but the thing is that once you have made your decision then even while going your path you may fall and get injured but you would not feel the pain and this pain is called SWEET PAIN.

When you move forward you face fear and feel that you had enough pain and miseries and now you must find a way to escape. The second route is towards EPATHY where you console yourself that you have done lots for the country and now no more, others are involved in wrong doing like throwing garbage on the roads and you think that if I don’t throw garbage on the road what different would it make? It does not matter if I do the same.

You need to close both these routes before walking the path and once you have made a decision do it with persistence, when you cross a certain extent then you will feel as if ALLAH Almighty is carrying you towards your goal, all the powers of the universe will then gather towards you, because we are the people who don’t have anyone to standup with commitment and then we stand behind such a person.
When ALLAH Almighty had sent 1, 24,000 Prophets to spread the message of oneness, then who are we to get tired from even 30 to 40 tries. PATIENCE is a very important quality that can be very useful.
There is a difference between patience and tolerance, it is that you do not agree with a person’s way of thinking and yet you are going along and while doing that you have the feeling of resentment that I wish this person start thinking like me.

And when you have patience you would say he and myself are both right and we have to walk together. Any sort of problem comes you have to face it with a smiling face and do not move backwards.

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