November 23, 2013
November 28, 2013





I say with full faith that Pakistan is the land of opportunities and why do I say this, our country has many problems and for that we need solutions, which in turn would create opportunities.

When an apple fell on the head of Newton, he discovered the Law of Gravity and if an apple would fall on our head first we would see left and right to check who threw the apple and if we couldn’t find someone we would eat it. There is no unemployment in Pakistan there is unemployability.

When a young boy comes to me for a job first he asks about the salary, the incentive he would get, how much bonus he will be given, will he be provided with food and transportation. That means he is not coming to solve my problems and what I need is to run the social media, to get the billboards installed, to manage the events and to make clients. I have enough problems but whoever comes first looks to their benefit. Pakistani youth are the best ones but they are not aware of this fact and this is my work to make them realize to be self dependant, stand on your own feet. Why do you always need support, recognize yourself and due to this unemployability has increased.

What we have done is that we have become well dressed but looks are not important, what is more important for me is that what I can do for this nation along with you. POVERTY is a state of mind if I am in need I would also become a sweeper or a driver, the best way to come near to a big personality is to become his driver and you will learn to become the best entrepreneur because that person would be receiving his calls and discussing issues while he is in the car.

You go and wash cars I would provide the bucket, sponge and soap for it, this way you could earn for yourself and even sponsor the studies of a poor child. When a Pakistani student goes abroad very happily he gets ready to wash the dishes in the restaurant and even washes the toilets, then what is the problem in doing all these jobs in our country. And see how we have narrowed the jobs, if your daughter comes and tells you that she wants to become a butcher, how would you react although that has halal income but you will not let her do this not because of the fear of ALLAH, but due to the fear of people that what would they say and who would marry your daughter. We believe in 3 things SMS, SECURITY, MONEY & STATUS, we do say many good things but when its time to take decisions we keep SMS in front of us and then decide. When we get free from this then we would get to see the possibilities available in Pakistan.

There are so many problems that need solutions and this can create career and opportunities, first try to understand these problems and then you will be able to find the way to solve the problems.


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