November 13, 2013
November 16, 2013





We as Pakistanis have to face many problems on the daily basis. Once the chairman of Education Commission Mr. Leghari asked that out of 5 things we have to rectify 1 thing and what would that be? So according to me governance needs to be rectified and how can this be done?

The biggest problem we all are facing is that we are not ready to change ourselves and are always ready to blame others, we may think that we are perfect which isn’t correct, we also have to change ourselves and this can be done by doing small things. First of all try to stay away from any kind of negativity, when you sit with family or friends and they speak negative, stop them. If you cannot stop them then better leave the gathering because you are only receiving negative energy which is not to your benefit.

If 10 people are being killed every day in our city, then there are so many babies being born also, why don’t we speak about them? Why isn’t this a part of the news? I am not asking you to ignore the reality but see what do you gain from it? If a discussion is going on, what is your benefit by involving in it? If you go with a positive energy and do any work you be doing it more efficiently. If the whole day we scare people by talking about hell and not speaking about heaven then what would happen? Who would benefit from this?

Think positive, look around yourself, you would see organizations like the Eidhi Foundation, Citizen and Agha Khan Foundation, who are working for the benefit of the people. If you think positive then definitely good vibes will be attracted towards you. We do have the education but do not have the proper upbringing, we have to be the leaders of our homes and take the initiative and if someone is speaking wrong have the courage, get up and stop them.

According to our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) if you see something wrong stop it by hand, if you cannot stop it by your hand then stop it by the power of pen. Before speaking negative about anything, see what would be your benefit. 10 times by saying satan is bad he isn’t going to become good, but by praising Allah Almighty, you would get his blessings and we must always try to get this as we do not know which moment would be our last. When we have less time then we must try to gain more and more advantage.

Whenever you see any news channel spreading negativity change the channel, any negative aspect you see in your life remove it. Do things which would create positivity and do not worry about the things you cannot do.

You have to become in charge of your home and town then only the problems can be solved. If you have any complaint regarding any political leader, send him an email, sms him, write on his wall on face book but with respect, do not use foul language because by doing so you won’t gain anything. You need to think about what you say and do and what is the proper way to do things by which you can spread positivity.

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