November 16, 2013
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We all human beings have common basic necessities like the mobile phone, television, VCR, computer, internet, fan and electricity all these things are now a part of the basic necessities of life.

If a person does not earn even $300/- then it would be difficult to obtain any of these things, why not make people rich enough so that they can buy all the things they need instead of giving donations.

If the people have enough money then they can fix their lives according to their will. This is the basic reason to start the 1 million business project and I had planned to complete it within 3 years but practically it wasn’t possible. I guess sometimes success cannot be achieved without failure. Many people think that is not an achievement but we have created more than 100 websites and have made more than 100 face book pages.

Even if I have failed yet I have achieved by making Rehan School and Rehan University, with assurity I can say that within 5 years atleast billion of people will be able to learn from Rehan School. 1 million business project will also complete but I cannot give the exact date, this is all I live for and this is what I do.

People always say that I only speak and they do not see something concrete happening , from my side I request all these people that kindly you start a business and expand , there are many poor people in our country lets join hand and work together for them. All the required knowledge is available at rehan.com, it’s like a school of knowledge we are providing all the required information at our websites to help you and you do have to waste time on gaining information.

Me and my team is available to help you even on face book, any business you want to start and we have started working on it then we would be able to provide the information through our websites. We would be glad if you use our knowledge and benefit from it. I personally feel that any such business that can create 2 billion dollar plus income a year, we must make a website portal of it. In our country the business of rice and cotton is the back bone of our economy, but all the people involved in this business do not use technology at all, due to which their vision is sort of poor because they do not know how to harness the technology.

We think that we use technology in a better way therefore we have created various websites, Rehan rice.com, Rehan cotton.com, Rehan Citrus.com, Rehan Mango.com. Rehan is synonym of knowledge. I am not selling anything it is like free knowledge that is available, you can even use the Wikipedia, take information from anywhere and expand your business and we would be happy to assess you in any way we can.

I do not believe in reserving knowledge, I believe in sharing it. Today there is nothing that we cannot learn through the internet, what you cannot acquire from the net is PERSISTANCE, this you have to create within yourself. For that purpose you have to develop yourself, read books like Linchpin, The power of now, the secret, you have to make yourself so strong and persistant that no one would be able to shake you.

(Interviewer) What medium are you using to spread knowledge?

(Rehan Allahwala) Our main aim is to get the main essence of knowledge, there is no hard and fast rule that you would acquire the required knowledge within 4 hours. At present the video format is available and then the text would be made available along with the books, but the initial goal is that the DVD’s would be available in each and every DVD shop. How do you open a fries shop or how do you sell biryani, you can watch our DVD’s and get the idea and then can go to Akhuwat, Aman Foundation or the Gramin Bank take loan from them and start your business. All these institutions provide the finance for doing business. We want to provide the knowledge required so that people can expand their business.

The challenge each and every individual faces is how to begin the first step, but persistence is also required that cannot come from my videos, we all have to co-operate with each other and give assurances that we can do it. My mentor Sughata Mitra book Hole in the wall its essence is that if a person is given an internet connection and given the confidence that he/she can do it, any work can be learned.

(INTERVIEWER) How and where the knowledgeable content be made available for the common man?

(Rehan Allahwala) I am trying to make such videos that can work on a mobile phone that would cost Rs1000/- and above. I also believe that till the year 2016 each and every person would be having a smart phone and would have a broad band, then when a person would have all the facilities his knowledge retrieval would increase, we are creating concentrations of knowledge, so that you get more knowledge in less time, these would be the DVD’s that would be available in the market easily and are at present available on the internet and gradually we would also start publishing them.

The obstacle I am feeling that I am alone in this project, I do have a good team but still the people are less. I want more people to follow my process so that we can accomplish our task which is the 1 million business project.

We are making a text book of the process that is available on www.Rehan foundation.com/books, we would also teach the schools and universities. We live in a country that has a population of 18 million people. So we must think and aim big, no one from outside would come and do anything in this country, we have to be strong and develop ourselves and have to create more opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Recently I had been to Cambodia which is supposed to be the poorest country but I did not see any beggar. All have entrepreneur mindset and you get to see entrepreneurship stages over there, like someone is selling cold water, someone sells water and someone sells juice. Our country has so many problems by solving them also we can earn money.

(INTERVIEWER) Why video interview is important to make business plan by opinion?

(REHAN ALLAHWALA) Video interviews are important so that the recipient gets to know the exact point that the video maker is trying to convey through his video, it also depends upon the knowledge level of the recipient as to how much he is grasping.

Once the videos are made and uploaded on the net then everyone can benefit from it even a university student can extract knowledge out of it. It is necessary to take more and more interviews of many people for a particular business who are already into it so that you would get the proper idea and also know how to increase the income. When you gain the knowledge and you apply it in your business it would surely increase your business. That is why taking interviews is very important for e.g. if you want to sell samosas, first go and find 500 people who are already selling samosas and take their interviews then learn from their experiences and collaborate with them, do make a team and make their twitter and face book ids, arrange meet ups with them, so that your echo system expands and then collectively solve all the issues.

(INTERVIEWER) What will be the process (SOP’s) to achieve the goal?

(REHAN ALLAHWALA) First of all we would gather all the information and for that we have made a website supertec.org. We created a brand and started collaboration at multiple levels and have also started it at a global level. Make a team of 10 to 20 boys and send them to take interviews of people and in the interview ask basic questions like, what is your name? Are you married or single? How many kids do you have? What your father used to do? How did you start the business? Or how much do you earn? But before asking all these questions we need to create a rapport with the person or else why would he give you all the information and involve that person in the making of the video.

After taking the 500 interviews, team of people would sit who would include mentors and entrepreneurs and they would see each and every interview and would consume all the information then the SOP’s would be created, the achievement would be that if someone wants to sell samosas, then he can see all the videos related to this business and then indulge in it. The goal is that we have all the data online or the DVD available so that the people know how to start the business. The DVD’s would have version 1, 2 and 3 and so on, I would want that when the first DVD releases even an uneducated person but who has the desire to do business would get all the required knowledge and would start the business. This is based on my life’s experience but if people have a better frame work then they can share it with us and I am always ready to upgrade myself because this is something I am doing which no one has done before. I spend 90% of my time on upgrading myself and remaining 10% I spend on other things. I must first believe in myself only then can I talk to others. I would only preach what I believe in.

In order to preach I need to believe in myself and in order to do that I have to read books , travel and do a lot of other things, every single person I meet has a purpose  and the purpose for me is to become a better and a confident person and I am finding a shortcut towards my goal. There is no such thing like overnight success, it takes time. When I was in class 9th I made a Commodore 64 device and I never knew much about it, all I did was I went to people who knew something related to it and after meeting 10 to 15 mentors I started getting the proper direction, then came the action and its reaction. We are using the present technology to reach our goal for which we also need the physical space and eventually it has to be physical.


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