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February 13, 2015
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February 14, 2015

Media inequality of the world

Today, I was very sad to see injustice caused by the Main Stream media, on the shooting Incident of North Carolina, I saw the photos of these beautiful people, and Just could not bare the pain, It is sad that the main stream media is creating so much hate against one group of people, and I hope that YOU will take it into YOUR hand’s and make sure that NO ONE can lie any more about anything, as these lie’s are what are making this world an Imbalanced place, I call you to do JIHAD via Facebook, and get your keyboards out, and reach out to people, and use your words as your sword’s and go look for people of Media, Churches, Politics, Teachers, Taxi Drivers, add them to your network, and ask them questions , about their faith’s , their believes, take their help and break’s the myth’s in your head’s about their faith’s and then ask them about what they know about your faith, and help them understand about your beliefs.

Use this gift from God, called the Internet, to finally break all walls of lies that have been created by people

who fear of change.

Change is here, it is in YOUR HAND, question is, are YOU ready to change?

Rehan Allahwala


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