Media inequality of the world
February 14, 2015
The power of Facebook friendship
April 22, 2015

Words of wisdom

For the last 1 week, I am shooting content, for making a documentary on How Facebook can be used to create peace, economic reforms, and Harmony in the world, I have also noticed that I got a surge in Friend request, and also a surge in interconnections of friends since I announced the FREE Laptop scheme.

I am happy that it is finally picking up, and what I started as an experiment is converting into a reality of a LOT of learning and lot of changes among a LOT of people’s lives.

I think I am become I met great people via the internet, and later in person in my life since I have access to the email, My First Friend was Ruby Tuazon and my greatest of them all teacher was Suzanne Bowen who totally changed me just with her communication and allowing me to build my self esteem & self belief, which was extremely low in me.

What adding friend’s will do for you is that it will help you find Your Suzanne and Ruby, and one or 2 of them will give you a friendship that will build your self esteem in ways that it is difficult to describe here and you WILL find your real purpose of life.

And they say if you can find your purpose of Life, your journey is half done, as it is very very difficult for most of the world to know what they are here to do.

I request you to help me, Help your self, and help the world, by making a new friend from a place which you dislike most, or know the least about, as it will give you a mirror to look at, and will help you become a stronger person.

If you are Muslim, Make a Christian, Jew , Hindu or a Buddhist friend, ask them about them, and when all your MYTH’s in your mind are GONE, then ask them to ask YOU questions about the things that THEY may have in their head about YOUR BELEIF or Faith .

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