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November 28, 2013
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What will happen to technology in future?

What will happen in future regarding technology?

By Rehan Allahwala

This is an interesting topic, that what would be the technology in future. This question was asked by Iqbal trainer, who never went to school but did go to Madrasa and he had joined my office as a tea maker and server and then became a trainer, computer changed his life completely, do see his videos on you tube.

Do see the movie Startrek which had come in the 60s and how technology was used in it, artists always create a vision and create science fiction, fiction is something that isn’t a fact, and anything a human mind can believe and conceive can become true.

If you believe in startrek then very soon a communicator would come, which would also be a locator, by the touch of a button your voice would go through it’s no big deal, I think it’s very near. For communication transporter hasn’t come till now Eienstein had said it is possible because matter can be converted. In future

we would have the SCOTTIE BEAM ME UP technology , you would be converted into energy and that would be transported and after doing that you would be recreated in another place , a trip from London to Karachi would be possible within 2 seconds this is something which has not been done yet.

In Startrek it is also shown how people travel to different planets of the world and this hasn’t happened till now. There is a person named Ahmed and he wants to design a lift, which would be an elevator between here and the moon, factories could be built on moon, pollution would also become less. In the sky there are many asteroids that are made of diamond and gold, if through the space elevator we get out from the earth and if this becomes easy and cheap to travel to the moon then lots of things can be done and this is how future can be seen, if you want to see the future do see the science fiction movies.

I like Startrek specially the next generation, what I like the most is the united humanity and all are just human, there is no difference shown and that is what is required, the day the aliens would attack us then we would become united and hopefully we would become humans ,before any such thing ever happens and we must first start from ourselves.

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