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December 18, 2013
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December 18, 2013

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How to delegate, take follow-up and reporting
Corporate training session at Super Technologies

Multi-tasking is one of the top reasons for high stress at work place, there are 2 types of stresses positive stress which is the minimum amount required to perform and the negative stress which does not allow to perform. Little stress is required to work when the stress starts increasing automatically the productivity starts decreasing and multi-tasking is one of the reason because of which your stress increases.
Another burning issue among managers, team leaders and group working is DELEGATION. What is delegation? We all have a limit to work and we would get stressed out if we try to do everything by ourselves. Use the power of other people and delegate your work. The major advantage of delegation is that it saves your time. If you spend 4 hours every week on a task and train a person to do that task and then delegate the work, this way you would save 4 hours a week, there you save your time.
Advantage no.2 you develop people, you train them with new skills if an employee works on the same task for a year or two he would get bored and he would get de-motivated. Motivation increases by delegation, develops people and saves your time. Let’s suppose you are doing a task in a good way, but it may be possible that the other person can do it in a much better way, diversity new ideas can be shared.
Now if delegation is so important then why don’t people delegate? One of the major reason is fear, we will lose our seat and we will become obsolete. Why we should share information with other people, we would lose our job and they don’t trust the employee, that there is a possibility that the

employee may spoil the work, people do not trust their own people.
I would give you an example there was a manager of a telecom company, he was very hard working and was delivering results as well, staying late in office but the company was not promoting him, he started working more hard he was getting good money and recognition but yet he wasn’t being promoted, what is the reason?, because he has no back up therefore the company cannot promote him. One day if he is absent no one knows anything about his work and he is receiving 200 calls on his mobile phone.
Whom to delegate? Someone who is experienced of doing that task, if the experience is not there then the person must be interested to take the challenge. If a person is interested then he would learn the work quickly. Delegation does not mean dumping your work, which means if your boss is giving you a task and you, fully handover it to someone else and you do nothing. If a person is hard working this does not mean give all the work to him, then that person would be stressed out and that’s unfair.

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