Corporate training Part 2
December 18, 2013
Why is mission in life important?
December 20, 2013

Corporate training. Last Part

How to delegate, take follow-up and reporting
Corporate training session at Super Technologies
By Zeeshan Lakhpaty

Once when you delegate the work to someone you must do regular follow-up with the person and if the work is delegated according to the expertise of the person, the result would be good. Whenever you delegate a task, do mention the person’s name highlight the person’s name which is very important, it would motivate the people.
If you delegate a task to someone and do not mention his name then what would happen? The person would get de-motivated, he will do the task next time as well because he is working, but he will not do it by his heart, but if you highlight that person’s name and next time when you give him a task then he would do the task better than before.
During the session Mr. Zeeshan was asked that long working hours also affect the working capacity of a person, to which Mr. Zeeshan said that taking 20 to 30 minutes power nap is very important and this is now being practiced in Pakistan also by ZONG.
Mr. Mohsin Siddique asked that some organizations have culture and also have multi-tasking and that is by experience and have gained speed because of multi-tasking and if we do focused work a task would take too long to complete. The reply by Mr. Zeeshan was that there are 2 ways either you do one work or you don’t do anything. In a day when you do multiple task, then do it in such a way that when you do a particular task do it with full focus. Do many tasks in a day but do not do juggling. Do each task with focus when you complete one work then start the other.
When you do any work that is not related to social media then log off from facebook but if the work is related to facebook then for sure you have to keep it on. Facebook must not affect your productivity, use social media for advantage as excess of anything is harmful.
There was a question asked that how come some companies work less hours and yet their motivation and productivity is high and we work so hard and lengthy hours yet our productivity is too low? Mr. Zeeshan replied the 9:00am to 5:00pm concept is no more , it means that you can work from any place be it your home, the only thing is that you have to produce results. Number of hours does not matter but the end result does matter. Google and Microsoft are following the same pattern.
But this cannot work in the manufacturing and the banking sector this pattern is a complete flop. It works in corporate and consulting companies and many other companies are implementing flexible working hours. The company and employees both would benefit. In WATEEN there are people who are working from home.

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