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December 20, 2013
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February 13, 2015

How to clone yourself?

How to clone yourself?
By Rehan Allahwala

A question was asked by someone that computer plays a very important role in my life, I think like a computer, I record videos that work on the computer, I control people through computer, my staff works on computer, if I give a gift it would be a laptop or ipad and haven’t I got bored from computer?
I Rehan Allahwala always try to give such a thing that would be beneficial for a long time, like for e.g. our lives are limited but if I record a video so many people would be able to view the video and by doing so I would get lots of blessings, my bottom line is to do good deeds and gather blessings because my goal is to get the best of the best Jannat. For e.g. it would take me 10 minutes to record a video but so many people would be able to view it only because of my 10 minutes spent.
If by giving a camera phone to someone, it would help them then why not give it instead of giving a box of sweet meat which the person would eat and finish it and would remember me. By gifting a laptop to someone it would change their life, it would increase the income. What we all need to distribute is knowledge. I don’t believe in distributing money, if you ask my people who work with me they would tell you about my savings. Whenever I have money I spend it on buying mobile phones and laptops for others. We have to do so many good deeds to become honorable people. Once I had put a status on face book that how many people would want me to stay at their home for a week to which many people had responded and even offered me to stay for a month and how many would be ready to keep Zardari. We need to be such that we are able to make place in people’s heart and not their pocket.
And I love computers because I know about its power. May be face book may be a network of FBI or CIA but a poor person dies not care about it, he is just worried about his pocket, but if by using face book people can earn lots then I would bless FBI and CIA. Do use face book especially in the poor countries as it is very useful.

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